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Scientific corona-related failures

I hope that the same is not happening with the development of the vaccine, because developing scientific models for predicting happenings and events concerning the corona pandemic are totally failing, all of them without any exception. If someone, authority, expert, government, media or whoever is using the source of a scientific model in predicting something, I label that person as stupid and ignorant. Even a donkey shows more intelligence.

USA – The fighting giant is waking up to fight corona

The USA is currently in battle with the corona virus, the mainstream media, the politicians, the scientific community are fighting to keep the destructive influence of several countries, who don’t have the welfare for the USA in mind. And between all of that, there is a new battlefront being prepared by the American administration. You can see that on the effort the USA is making to test its population in numbers bordering to incredible, but it’s true nevertheless. The Americans tested about 7 million people, 189,221 people a day in average for already 28 days. Even with the constant mass attacks on America’s leadership, it still manages to hold the pandemic off.

The manipulations of the scientific world about the coronavirus

Don’t be fooled by the so called scientific reports about the state of the corona-pandemic. Cases or “Total Confirmed cases” are not the numbers of people infected. And don’t be fooled by those so called mad scientists, which are using the number of death to measure the state of the pandemic, they are wrong (on purpose). And finally, don’t rely, or better, believe the projections and predictions of the mad scientists, because they are wrong, just as other scientists are trying to predict the weather.

I never saw such incompetence in my life

It’s unique in the history of humankind the display of stupidity, ignorance and incompetence on a global scale, causing the world tens, maybe hundreds of trillions of dollars in damages, which could easily be avoided by proper management and leadership. That’s the monetary damage, but the damage in the form of unnecessary deaths, economical hardship, economical downfall is beyond believe.

Midterm Elections: What Is Coming

The Republicans just lost the House of Representatives. Now that the Democrats control it, not one piece of legislation will pass that is on the President’s agenda. The Democrats intend to mount a non-stopping offensive against the President. First, they are going to demand that Mueller goes on the attack again. They are already demanding the President’s tax returns. Their plan should be obvious: to keep the President “backpedaling” and the economy faltering, in order to set the stage for the 2020 election. The three-party system of checks and balances are with this abolished. The democrats obviously don’t want to govern at all.

If the Democrats are blocking the legislative process, that will mean that anything the Democrats want, will be blocked too. And that means only one possible outcome: bypassing the Democrats and the House of Representatives.

So, what’s left for the Democrats? Anarchy. Lawlessness. Violence. Cheating and manipulations. Lying. Revolting. Trying to setup states against states. Damage America internationally. Assault the financial institutes, businesses, trade. Radicalize anything where they have power. Expand their power structures everywhere in America. Attempt to destroy the economy. Radicalize education and stir students to revolt. Radicalize blue states and cities under Democratic control and the list goes on and on. It’s the only thing what the Democrats can do and that they will do.

Social Media for the Conservatives

Like in my article about Gigantic Social Media hard to Stop and the Powerful Social Media and Internet, the role of Social Media globally is huge and unprecedented. The role of social media in the United States is also immense and impressive, but it pictures a different role then the global role the social media are playing. In the United States the social media are (shadow) banning specific political websites and individuals … and politicians.
But that’s not all. It actively and publicly gives preference to one political party (the Democrats) and works against and suppresses anything from the other political party, the Republicans. And it’s not only the social media, but also the mainstream media. And you know what? They are stupid to put all of their effort in one place, because the reckoning will come and will dismantle the social media as it is now, and the mainstream media as well.

Another issue is that right before the major midterm elections, the social media are increasing the efforts to banning one political party and all its sympathizers. They openly try to interfere with the elections in the United States. It’s not that they didn’t do that before like this, I remember several elections they tried to influence in Europe too.

If the conservative media be independently in a safe way, and remove itself collectively from the mainstream Internet presence as it is now, the current social media and the mainstream media will be in for a very bad awakening.

Anarchy in America – the Beginning of the End?

And why am I so riled up about anarchy? Anarchy suppose to happen in unstable areas of the world, like in the Middle East or Africa, not in the United States? That’s impossible. Is it? A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart. The police followed orders to do nothing. That’s what the Wall Street Journal reported at the 3rd of August 2018. At the 8th of October, the whole thing repeated itself again, this time it was a mob, who took over the streets in Portland, Oregon. An Antifa mob disrupted traffic and threatened people who would not be redirected with violence. And the police? They were nearby, but allowed the mob and anarchists do their thing.

The Trump Enigma

I read more and more people criticizing the President about his behavior and language.

Can you imagine a President, soft spoken, civilized, friendly, thoughtful, handsome, elegant, young, dynamic, charming, political correct, supportive, intelligent, flawless and sweet, taking on the swamp, the left, communists, socialists, anarchists, liberals, the establishment, the security services and God knows who and what more? Doing what Trump did so successfully? Such person will be buried before he’s able to open his ‘civilized’ mouth with some flowery comment and a charming laugh.
There is no such person. And in order to do the job, no such person exist. The democrats would pee themselves in laughter when the Republicans would show up with such civilized man or woman.

You guys can’t have both. As we have seen, it takes a special man to take on the political violence of the swamp (as we all have witnessed first hand). And the President is alone. Even the Republicans are critical of him and don’t support him fully, except when it might give the Republicans some points.

No, President Trump is the best man for the job in these times. He’s the best President of the United States in history, has more accomplished in his short time in office as many Presidents combined.

And if it takes a potty mouth, so be it. Actually, in my opinion, he can stand there in the White House naked and say what he wants, as long as he does a good job. Thankfully, he wears suits, at least we can agree with that, not? And he delivers on what he has promised.

Obama, the Best President All Times

The previous President of the United States was an incompetent, self-absorbed narcissist, who denigrated his own country, hindered and even stopped its growth, weakened America abroad, strengthened America’s enemies, caused directly and indirectly the death of hundreds of thousands of people and billions, if not trillions in property damage all over the world. Such incompetent President allowed the Russians to invade Crimea, attack Ukraine, and shoot down a Dutch commercial jet with absolutely no legitimate response or repercussions. It was this President who sat on his hands while the Chinese built artificial islands into military bases in the South China Sea. Additionally he allowed the Russian military intervention in Syria, changing the tide of that civil war and ensuring Iranian hegemony in the region for decades to come.

Now the Left is Building the Walls

The infamous wall from President Trump received an enormous amount of publicity and until this very moment, the wall is not build or even an attempt to be build in its total. The wall is part of the immigration policies, which are fought throughout the American (political) society. The biggest opponents are the mainstream media, Democrats, the left, the liberals and the fascists.

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