Does it mean that the pandemic will go away soon?

With the international and global trend of the decreasing corona cases, hospitalisations and deaths, can we hope for the end of the pandemic? Does that mean that everything goes back to the old ways before the pandemic? Are we at last free from lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing? Does the nightmare finally end?

I’m afraid not. As you can read in the previous article about Why Corona Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalisations are down! the reason for the decrease is not because of lockdowns, vaccines or anything else then only because of testing people for corona with the wrong parameters.

Problems with corona testing

We don’t see any “decline in corona cases” or “a decrease in corona related death“, even when the latest numbers indicate it does. What we’re seeing is a decline in perfectly healthy people being labelled “covid cases” based on a false positive from a testing process.

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And we’re seeing fewer people dying of pneumonia, cancer or other disease have “Covid19” added to their death certificate based on testing criteria.

Problem with the perspective about the corona pandemic

Really, is this the reason why the whole world economy is grounded? Is this the reason for the extreme national lockdowns? Is this the reason why so many healthy people are getting sick from the measurements and are classified as collateral damage? Is this the reason why the media are screaming murder and is this the reason why there is so much panic?

What can I say? Are we all fools? Is the crazy woke culture you see popping up in the US also appearing everywhere else in the world? Where is the common sense? Where is the logic?

Problem with the vaccines

The problem with the new mRNA vaccines is that such vaccines do make people immune against the coronavirus, but in a different way as we expect. The mRNA vaccines are designed NOT to make people sick from the coronavirus. But it doesn’t kill the virus, like a normal vaccine is designed to. Read here the details about those differences.

That means if the new vaccines begin to work, we’ll or suppose to see a strong decline in hospitalizations and deaths first, followed by a decrease in infections … but that doesn’t happen!

And before you think that this is happening at the moment, the decline in cases, hospitalisations and deaths occur everywhere, including those countries without any vaccines.

I personally have no idea if the vaccines are working or not, but we will see the actual results of that in some weeks. In Israel, with the highest rate of vaccinations in the world, it doesn’t happen.  If the corona statistics continue to show new infections and no drop in cases, hospitalisations and deaths, then you can be guaranteed that the vaccines do not work at all.

What is going to happen with the current downward trend?

Simple, the trend will continue until the false positives are removed from the daily numbers of infections and it stays like that. From there the trends going up and down, depending on the behavior of populations and authorities.

I also see trends of governments to impose restrictions on its populations, which are really not needed. Also they try to find ways to enforce the vaccination passports on their populations to punish those who don’t want or can’t be vaccinated. A bit stupid too, because all of their efforts will be for nothing when a judge will stop this madness.

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